The Team


Mrs Spiers (RE Lead, Music Lead, Assessment Lead) 


Miss Griffiths, Mrs Bishop, Mrs Williams, Miss Ellis, Miss Batley and Mrs Campbell 


Miss Gould (Assistant Headteacher, SENDCo and EYFS Lead) 

Mrs Andrews (Teaching Assistant) 

Year 1

Mrs Green (Teacher, PE Lead, MFL Lead and PHSE Lead) 

Mrs Ward (Teaching Assistant) 

Year 2

Miss Browning (Teacher, Maths Lead, Computing Lead and Art Lead) 

Mrs Felton (Teaching Assistant and HOPE Champion) 

Year 3

Miss White (Teacher, History Lead, Geography Lead and Visible Learning Lead 

Mrs Nicholls (Teaching Assistant) 

Year 4

Mrs Caddick (Teacher, English Lead, Science Lead and Design and Technology Lead 

Mrs Raybould and Mrs Howell (Teaching Assistants) 

Office Staff

Mrs Guest and Mrs Macey 


Mrs Henaughan and Mrs Douglas 


Miss Vincent, Mrs Bate, Mrs Whitby, Miss Russell, Miss Cook and Miss Batley 

Cleaning and Caretaking

Mrs Williams, Mr Williams, Mrs Douglas, Mr Alton