Local Governance

As part of Penk Valley Academy Trust, Marshbrook is accountable to the Penk Valley Board of Trustees and its committees.

You can find out more about the governance of Penk Valley Academy Trust on the trust website www.penkvalley.co.uk

The trustees have delegated certain matters of governance to a Local Governing Committee in each of its schools.

Our Local Governing Committee are as follows:

Name Term of Office Date of Appointment Date stepped down (where applicable) Appojnted by Register of business and pecuniary interests, including governance roles in other educational institutions Attendance record over the academic year 2020-21
Steve Burnham (Chair of Committee, Co-opted) 4 Years April 2018 Trustees None 100%
Sally Griffin (Vice Chair, Co-opted) 4 Years April 2018 Trustees None 100%
David Badger (Co-opted) 4 Years April 2018 Trustees None 67%
 Jacqueline Henaughan (Staff) 4 Years April 2018 11.6.21 Staff None 100%
Helen Dickson (Parent) 4 Years April 2018 15.2.22 Parents None 33%
Luci Baker (Parent) 4 Years October 2021 Parents N/A
Scott Williams (Co-opted) 4 Years September 2020 Trustees None 67%
Dave Shipman (Co-opted, Link Trustee) 4 Years February 2021 Trustees Penk Valley MAT Trustee

Director Otherton Ales Ltd

Jill Gould (staff) 4 Years September 2021 Staff N/A

PVAT Terms of Reference for Local Governing Committee